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Innovators, Makers & Mentors  [ Links ] Industry Week is a free online newsletter that offers news, information on trends, analysis and research for manufacturers. Other features include webinars, interactive forums and blogs.  [ Links ]

assembly, design, electronics, and industrial equipment) under which you can find events, news, advice, Links and associations.

Resources, Links & Partners  [ About Us ]

assembly, design, electronics, and industrial equipment) under which you can find events, news, advice, Links and associations. This site features a new best practice every working day (available...

Resource Links & Partners  [ News ]

          Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium (NoRTEC) NoRTEC Links workforce preparation services in 11 Northern California counties. Since 1983, NoRTEC has connected job seekers to employers...

iDesign - Resources  [ Technology Projects ]

tags: iDesign, CNC , supporters, seacrist, Links

To learn more about being a CNC operator and other related technical fields, check out these Links to the local employers supporting the program, associations, industry resources on CNC Machining, information about opportunities for women who pursue technical...

iDesign - CNC Machining Program  [ Technology Projects ]

tags: projects, CNC, grants, community, 3d, iDesign

Check out the latest news on iDesign, watch the video, read the blog, and find additional resource Links. Local employers report that there is a high demand locally for technically trained employees. Some of the highly paid, in-demand local careers...

About Training and Development  [ About Us ]

tags: Employers, Manufacturers, Educators, Students

Resource Links Contact Information Phone (916) 660-7801 Mailing address: 5000 Rocklin Rd.

Business & Education Resources  [ Technology Projects ]

tags: Business , Education Resources

green_Links a, div.green_Links a:link, div.green_Links a:visited, div.green_Links a:active { color: #208739; } div.green_Links a:hover { color: #20CE39; } .right_data { display: none; ...

Tech-Explorer Program  [ Technology Projects ]

Links:Watch the videoSafety Handout [MS Word] Catapult Construction Instructions [PDF] Catapult Assembly Drawing [PDF] Watch the Catapult Assembly Instructions Movie [WMV] Watch the Electronic Catapult Movie [WMV]Watch the Electrical...

Robotics Tech-Explorer Career Path  [ Technology Projects ]

To learn more about working as a technician, machinist, operator, designer or engineer, check out the Links below to information about apprenticeships, career opportunities and videos showing what people do on the job. Some of the highly paid, in-demand...

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