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CA Conservation Corps -- Basic Supervisory Skills Training  [ Testimonials ]

According to participants’ evaluations, they learned practical skills that they could use on the job: “Instructors were very professional and provided many suggestions on how to be more effective and organized,” “I got great...

Rex Moore -- Restructures Supply Chain  [ Testimonials ]

Through Coaching in process improvement, Jes Vargas, Sierra College CACT consultant, has helped the company restructure its supply chain over the last 12 months. As a result, Rex Moore has saved 7% on raw material costs, increased capacity 20% while...

Energy Absorption Systems: Continuous Improvement training and coaching  [ Testimonials ]

tags: EAS, Training, Employers, Coaching

The weekly Coaching provided by Sierra College Training has been critical to keeping this process on track.” Competitiveness “In the long run, our company will gain a competitive advantage by not only improving the process we are working...

Sims Recycling Solutions -- Supervisory and Management Training  [ Testimonials ]

According to Cuppet, the customized training included: the role of manager, effective communication, Coaching, team development, managing differences and conflict, motivation and empowerment, and time management. “Our goal was to build on our...

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