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11/09/05 High School Teachers Introduced to Rapid Prototype Printer

Sierra College hosts workshop on Design Drafting & Concurrent Engineering

ROCKLIN – High school teachers were exposed to new rapid prototyping equipment as part of a workshop organized by Stephen Jung of the Sierra College Design Drafting program on Sat., Oct. 22. The workshop introduced teachers to the college's curriculum that trains students for engineering support positions. The Sierra College Center for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT) presented the new rapid prototyping printer and showed its role in speeding up design.

The high school teachers gained information that they can use to spark students' interest in exploring technological and manufacturing careers, according to Roseville 's Oakmont High School teacher, Steve Dicus. “Seeing the parts that were made on the rapid prototype machine from the computer drawing would be very appealing to students,” said Dicus.

“The more I know about the design skills Sierra College teaches as well as innovations such as the rapid prototyping printer, it helps me add relevance to my classes,” said Dicus.

This workshop helped teachers prepare prospective Sierra College students. “When high schools align their curriculum with Sierra College , students can make a seamless transition to the Design Drafting program and even earn credit for their high school coursework,” said Jung. “The high school teachers also appreciated the opportunity to talk with engineers like Jon Stallman who works with the CACT helping businesses use rapid prototyping and concurrent engineering.”

Stallman, an adjunct professor with California State University , Chico and Sierra College CACT consultant, made a presentation at the workshop. He showed how Computer Aided Drafting and Design software is used to create a three dimensional model. “If you were designing a telephone, it would graphically show all of the phone's components,” said Stallman. “Then the design of the phone case, for example, is sent to the rapid prototype printer. If it doesn't fit, the design can easily be modified.”

“The three-dimensional printer is similar to an ink jet printer except that it deposits a heated, liquid plastic that cools right away into a hard material. As it prints a layer on a table, the table moves down about the thickness of a hair, and prints another layer, and moves down again. It repeats this process until you have an exact replica of the part, accurate in height, width and length,” said Stallman. “With the plastic part, you can see immediately if the design works.”

The rapid prototype printer combined with concurrent engineering gets new products to market quickly, Stallman explained at the workshop. Concurrent engineering incorporates digital design with multi-disciplinary team work to speed up the process from design to production. “Concurrent engineering reduces the amount of time needed during the development and refinement phases, radically reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction,” said Stallman.

Manufacturers interested in an on-site demonstration of the rapid prototype printer or more information about concurrent engineering can contact the Sierra College CACT at 916-660-7801 or go to

Since 1997, the Sierra College CACT has supported manufacturers and technology companies with employee training, technology deployment and industry development. CACT serves Northern California businesses located from Sacramento to the Oregon border.

The CACT provides process improvement assessments, facilitates businesses in implementing Lean Manufacturing methods, has established demonstration sites and offers training in business skills. Using mobile laboratories that can go to employers' worksites, CACT offers customized training in high tech soldering, business software and installation of Category 5 high performance cable systems as well as rapid prototyping capabilities. A complete list of services and training topics is available at .

The Sierra College CACT is one of 15 centers in California dedicated to enhancing the competitiveness of the State's small and medium-sized manufacturers by facilitating the transfer and adoption of advanced and environmentally sound manufacturing technologies and techniques. For more information visit or contact Sandra Scott, Economic Development Director, at 916-660-7801.

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