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Training and Development

Below are some of the business training topics Sierra College can customize and offer at your worksite. Call (916) 660-7801 or contact Sierra College for more information.

For online classes and individual business training go to Sierra College Community Education and for traditional college classes go to Sierra College.

Sierra College can also bring a mobile computer and soldering lab to your facilities. Look at FAQ for more information or read testimonials from other organizations about the benefits of training.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check out the FAQ or contact us

Prospective instructors:

Sierra College Training and Development is always seeking qualified instructors with industry experience. Please contact Carol Pepper-Kittredge, Center for Applied Competitive Technologies Director for Sierra College at (916) 660-7801 or contact Training & Development by email.

Individualized Training:

Although Sierra College Training & Development primarily delivers training for groups of employees at an employer's worksite, special arrangements can be made for smaller groups. Occasionally seminars are offered for multiple employers in a joint class. One-on-one instruction may also available at higher contract rates.

In addition, Sierra College Community Education offers on-line classes on several business skills topics; go to Sierra College also offers semester classes on some business topics; go to